My Diary.

Dear Diary,

I'm Eddy, I am a teenager and I am kind of hungry. I wish Emma will notice soon! Oh look, she's came to my bedroom with a tray of toast and juice, good old Emma. Emma is my nan by the way. I wolfed down my breakfast and I played mimic with some friends to lose a few pounds. I want to be an Debatchi when I'm older. I only recieved the letter to go to school yesterday, I have joined social, most of my old friends from preschool are going to that class. Oh! That reminds me! I need to fill in the options sheet. Here goes:

Welcome to the Tama Elementry School! Please fill in the options sheet. Please put a cross next to the choose or write it down when it asks you.

Name: Eddy 
Age: 1

Which part of the school are you studying? Please put a cross by the skill you will like to work on.
Social x

Which classes will you like to take?



Citizenship x
Games x

Firemen x
Story writing x
Chatting x
Comedian x

What will you want to be when you are older? (character)
Please write below:

What job do you want when you are older?
Please write below:

Please hand this in completed and come back at 6PM

Please can parents sign here:

Please can you sign here:

Thank god that's done! It also says I have to go and hand it in by 10:00AM. I looked at the time, Oh my god! I have to be there in ten minutes!

Emma: We have to leave now! Here's your coat and umbrella, and your bag! Here's a fiver so you can go get some lunch at the canteen. Ask your friends for a pen to write with! We will go shopping tonight for the stuff.

Eddy: Ok, ok I get it!

Emma: I'm just making sure.

Eddy: I'm ok Nan, relax. I will see you later. (hugs nan)

Emma: Ok, comb your hair when you get in the bus then. I do wish you will stop gelling it everyday, it's already nice and black and shiny, you are going to make it sticky!

Eddy: It's fine! It doesn't need combing, I really have to go now incase I miss the bus!

Emma: Ok then, goodbye, good luck!

I ran out of the house and into the bus. Now where do I sit....I saw loads of teens, cute young mimitchis, young kuchipatchis, obotchis, all kinds. I heard a voice shout for me.

Dave: Heyy! Eddy! It's Dave! Sit next to me.

I looked over and saw a young mametchi calling for me. It's Dave! My first and best friend that I havn't saw for ages! I sat right next to him.

Eddy: How did you recognize me? I changed a lot.

Dave: Because you had that confused look in your eyes as you always did.

Eddy: (laughs) You look so much more better.

Dave: So do you, you look like Elvis! Everyone will probably come up and ask you for an autograph!

We both laughed. It was great to see good old Dave again. I wonder how the other school pupils will be like...

Dear Diary,

WOW! This diary goes waayyyyyyyyy back! I am a teenager now, and SOON TO BE AN MIMITCHI!! Just like an easter bunny. I can't wait to easter. I wouldn't be around by then, but Emma is putting me on pause at night when I evolve so I wont age much and I will be able to deliver eggs. LOL, only joking ^.^ But I will get Emma an mini egg. To tell you the truth, we aren't that bonded. But everyday, we sit on the sofa and watch friends, the simpsons and scrubs all in 1 go. They are all 12 rated (except a few of the simpsons) so that's why she is letting me watch them with her, now that I am a teenager. We are both the same age (to her in human years) but I will be like 18 tomorrow in human years. Well, I got to go now. See ya! x

Mitsy x

Dear Diary,

I EVOLVED!! I am proud to become a easter mimitchi! That's what they call us if we are mimitchis around easter. So, I have to deliver the eggs to every tama around on saturday night. Emma and I STILL havn't bonded. I suppose we migh when we make easter cakes for the humans and tamas on Good Friday. A new film arrived at our house yesterday. Called The Orphanage. The cover looks pretty scary, and Emma says it's a horror film that we will watch at easter. I watched a few horrors with her, they were pretty scary. I think this 1 will be scarier seeing as it's rated 15. The other films made me quiver with fright, but I am glad I have Emma as my owner, because she always comforts me and makes me less scared. At night, all the mimitchis have to be put on pause, to make us younger and last longer for easter. That means more bonding days for  Emma and I.


Mitsy x

Dear Diary,

I have been put on pause for a few days. We have bonded more, but not quite. I want to make easter cakes, I shall ask her. Then we WILL bond more. That's one thing we got in common. LOVE FOR CHOCOLATE!! Plus, we love RuneScape too. A RPG game set in medieval times. I saw the easter bunny on it too. A lot different to me because he used a easter bunny costume. And I wont. Even though, he was a bunny before anyway...I love the music too. Everyday we go on it for a bit and play around. She said she will treat me by letting me play on it when she makes it into a member again on Easter Monday. Can't wait. Apparently it's very good. I have to go to this school party now. So good night. Happy Good Friday! ^.^

Mitsy x

Dear Diary,

EASTER TOMORROW!! I have been busy making easter eggs with my friends. I have a few ones made for Emma too. I'm so happy and excited, I think i can't write much. Today has been like any normal day. Except Emma's parents are out now. I  get to be off pause tomorrow! Yay! I might get a job by monday. I want to be a rockstar but it's most likely an intellagence job, because its highest and my fashion is too low to even get up. Well, I will be back on tomorrow. I need to make LOADS more easter eggs and I want to watch some films with Emma again. And I have BONDED WITH HER!! She is such a great owner. We made the cakes, didn't come out right though. We had to go to this country house with her dad, we went through all the rooms and everything. She even said her ancestors lived in a country house like that one and the sculery made was  her great great gran and the son of the rich family who lived there was her great great grandad. I found out that my gran was a scullery maid too. A maidotchi. Now I have to go. Happy Easter Eve!

Mitsy x