I love my tamas because they are sweet cute and fun! I love to read them stories and watch movies with them to bond with them.


I am near my teens and love icecream. There you are! I'm like a mimitchi also! When I was younger, I wore my hair in pigtails so I looked like a bunny. I have three tamagotchis, two V3s and one V4. One V3 has got lost but the others are fine. I have a girl tama and a boy tama. Both adults. The V3 is the boy and is called Timmy. He is not quite cute or good looking, but I think he's OK. My V4 is my favourite character, a mimitchi. Her name is Fiona, and is older than Timmy who is 4 years old. Fiona is 5 or 6 years old. But I put her on pause to make her growth slow down so I can keep her for ages. And shes really a few weeks old. Please tell everyone about your tamagotchi pet.